2020 design vision

As we head towards 2020, we take a look at the design trends that will be shaping our interiors.

As Aida Sniraite, interior designer and blogger at Authentic Interior, a French and Lithuanian design company, notes, interior design trends in 2020 will continue to focus on wellbeing, comfort, and sustainability. At the same time, people are embracing modern technologies. The trends are therefore a blend of retro and modern – what Sniraite is calling a “warm comeback style”.

This includes a focus on humble materials, particularly sustainable options. These include the likes of rattan, plywood, jute, sisal, hemp and terracotta. Marble – in all colours and textures – is also back in a big way, as are carpeted floors and even carpets across other surfaces. The natural trend continues to grow, with indoor plants and nature-themed décor abounding. Metals in a range of shades and textures are also still popular and cane furnishings are making a comeback. Neon signage moves from shopfronts to home décor, and retro curves have been spotted across the major global design fairs in furniture and interior architecture alike.

We’ve rounded up input from local design professionals about the top interior trends coming your way, and how you can incorporate them into your own spaces.


Décor trends


Lighting trends


Carpet trends


Board trends

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